1. How often can someone come for help?

Individuals and families are allowed to come for help once a month (every 30 days).

2. Do most people come for help as often as they can?

Last year in 2018, just over 31 per cent of the families we helped came only once – 68 per cent came four times or fewer.

3. How many people does the London Food Bank help?

Right now we’re helping on average more than 3 500 families or about 8 500 individuals each month. These numbers do not include people helped through food we provide to other programs and agencies.

4. Is there a means test that people have to pass?

We don’t have a means test as such: everyone is interviewed and we keep pertinent information in a database. We require our clients to provide proof of dependents and other important information.

5. How do you work with other agencies?

We assist more than 25 other groups and agencies with food supplies. We also meet with them on a regular basis to share statistics, examine trends, and find more effective ways to co-ordinate our services.

6. Does the Food Bank support any political party?

No. We are not a political organization; however, we will comment on public issues as these affect the people whom we are trying to help.

7. Are the financial accounts of the Food Bank audited?

Yes. Our audited statement is presented each year at our annual meeting and is available for review. You can also find our CRA filings here.

8. Are your donation receipts tax deductible?

The London Food Bank is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization and therefore is able to provide tax receipts for monetary donations. Our charitable number is 136203205 RR0001.

9. Does the Food Bank sell any of its food supplies?

We never sell donated food supplies. We are a member of both the Ontario Association of Food Banks and Food Banks Canada and adhere to their code of ethics.

10. Does the Food Bank go to door-to-door to ask for monetary donations, or sell coupon books?

We never go door-to-door asking for monetary donations. If you are approached by someone claiming to represent the London Food Bank, the best thing to do is to let us know and the police as well. We do not sell coupon books, either. That activity supports St. Paul’s Daily Bread Food Bank, so please contact them at (519) 434-8979 with any questions or concerns.

11. Are there any other food banks in London?

Yes. There are two other food banks in London, as well as places that offer meals to those in need. The best place to find this information is on Information London.